YWAM Muizenberg: Weeks 6-8

Oh goodness - eight weeks of my lecture phase are over!! They went so fast; yet I felt like a different person at the end of each week. These past three weeks were a little crazy. Our topics were really deep (but so good), and we were kept busy in the afternoons, and with evening … Continue reading YWAM Muizenberg: Weeks 6-8

(More) YWAM photos

At the Waterfront in Cape Town😊 Here we are at the Indian-themed love feast😊 How do you give your DTS their outreach location? Simple! Let them play pass the (clingwrap) parcel... ... let them unwrap ... and unwrap ... and unwrap some more .... ... Until they find it!!!!😁😁😁And the crowd goes wild!!!!!😁😁😁