Quotes to treasure: 4/4

It's time to share my fourth treasured quote - although there are stacks more in my Hall of Fame!😉 Years ago, my dad quoted this in a sermon. I can't forget it. It surfaces at (for my fleshly self) the most inconvenient times, and has often convicted me and given me new perspective. "He is … Continue reading Quotes to treasure: 4/4

Quotes to treasure: 3/4

In Grade 12 I read A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken. It's quite the book. Eight pages into the story, Vanauken describes how he, as a teenager, chose the heights and the depths of life. The words seemed to grab me:   "So, if he wanted the heights of joy, he must have, if he could find … Continue reading Quotes to treasure: 3/4