Counting blessings

It’s a grey, windy Saturday. I’m not exactly firing on all cylinders – snotty and headachy – but it’s heavy on my heart to write a post that explodes thankfulness like a bouquet of beautiful spring flowers 🙂 I turned twenty-one on Tuesday – but it feels like it’s been my birthday all week! And … Continue reading Counting blessings

21 years, 21 lessons (Part 2)

Welcome to the second instalment of twenty-one things I’ve learned so far in life 🙂 Herewith the next bunch of lessons (and they aren’t in any specific order). 1. When someone you love is hurting, you don’t have to say anything. Prayers, a hug or just sitting with them might be all they need. Practical … Continue reading 21 years, 21 lessons (Part 2)